Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Stroll

The lights in Central Park

Tonight was another Christmas celebration downtown: Holiday Stroll. The High School Dance Team (Starsteppers), Drill Team (Rising Stars) and the Wee Steppers (elementary students who are learning dance routines each week from the Starsteppers) performed dances in the street for the city. The dance team splits up each week and go to most of the area elementary schools to teach dances and techniques to the Wee Steppers. One of those Wee Steppers is our friends' daughter Maggie.

We watched the performances then Marty, Heather and I took a carriage ride. It was a beautiful evening and not cold at all. After our ride we strolled around downtown looking at the lights and just enjoying the evening. We stopped at the coffee shop for coffee and hot chocolate. Thank you Marty and Heather for such and enjoyable evening!

The lights of the fountain in Central Park:

Heather's group of Starsteppers and Wee Steppers

Heather dancing with the Wee Steppers. Throughout the evening as we strolled around, any Wee Steppers who saw Heather came running over to say hi or give her a hug. Two little girls stopped her to get their picture taken with her.


Katie's wish came true. She saw Santa Clause.

Bill and Denise waiting for the dances to begin.

Maggie with Starstepper Tessa.

Katie adores Mr. Marty!

Bethany and me. In addition to being a close friend of our family, she is one of my Sunday School students.

Marty, Heather, and me at the end of our carriage ride.

Marty and me aboard the carriage.

Heather and me waiting....and waiting for the carriage ride.

Heather looked so festive in her red dance costume!

Me and all the girls, Bethany, Katie, Heather and Maggie.


E said...

Looks like y'all had a fun night, too! Glad the weather cooperated yet again! =0)

yusufyusuf said...

Nice blog...

busysingersmom said...

How fun!!! :) You have a beautiful town!

Maria said...

Really pretty. I wish we had something like that!


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