Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day we had! My day began with a phone call from my mom wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving. I love to hear from her, but boy did she make me wish I were in Missouri!
After baking my requested pumpkin roll, sweet potatoes, cooking the mashed potatoes and thawing the pecan pie, we headed to San Atonio to Mike and Debbie's for dinner. The smells coming from her kitchen when we arrived made my mouth water! We were joined by my mother in law and father in law, Billie and Freddie and Freddie's parents Jean and Tom, as well as Freddie's brother Robert.

Before we ate, Debbie let me take her brand new car for a spin!!!

My mother in law Billie has a thing about people who continuously open an oven door to check the food. So....Debbie and I purposely opened it over and over! ha ha!

Can you just smell Billie's famous hot rolls as she pulls them from the oven???? YUM!

Marty and Mike messing with the wishbone.

Me with my sister in law Debbie. Debbie, I so enjoyed cutting up with you all day!!!

My brother in law Mike.
(Debbie, I know how much you like this picture so here you go...drool away! )

Heather and my niece Cheyenne parked in front of the video game!

My nephew Chris and his fiancee Cil. Congratulations guys!!!

Me and Marty.

Marty, Mike and Debbie playing on the computer. Our evening was spent cutting up, burning cd's, surfing the net, and checking out blogs.

Even though the twins don't look alike, Debbie and I noticed today they have the same lines between their eyes when they are intently focused on something or mad. I don't have a clue what they were so intently focused upon here!

My nephew Tony comes out of hiding long enough to find a snack and see what the guys are looking at.

Cheyenne and Heather got along the whole day and I snuck upstairs to grab a quick picture of them hanging out.

Hope everyone had as an enjoyable Thanksgiving as we did!!!


E said...

I didn't think you guys were ever coming home?! =0) I like the pic of all you gals in the car the best. It's cute!

Glad y'all had a fun day!

Tammy said...

We eventually had to come home...poor Marty has to work Friday!

Carmen said...

That shot of you and Marty is great. Orange is a good color for you.

LACEY said...

looks like u had a wonderful thanksgiving!!! u look great in your pics!!! we missed u up here in missouri :)!!

heather and chyenne look a lot alike!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you had a Happy Thanksgiving Day.



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