Saturday, November 17, 2007

Monkeying Around In Gruene

This morning while Erica's kids practiced for the Christmas musical at church, she and I, along with Heather, decided to go to Gruene to kill time and just hang out. We browsed in a few shops and when it was time to begin heading back to pick up the rest of the kids, we became distracted by a nice big live oak tree (we're distracted easily!). Heather decided to see if she could climb it, even though she was in her flip flops. She made it up to the branch she wanted to sit on. I, however was unable to get very far. I'm out of practice climbing trees! Not to mention the height of the heels on my boots. I even tried barefoot, but because my feet had been encased in socks and boots they weren't very effective with getting a good foothold in the tree.

Erica and I headed into Gruene to shop.

The distracting tree that made us late for our next destination. Who can resist climbing such a tree? Apparently not us...

But SERIOUSLY, who even considers attempting tree climbing in shoes such as these??!!?

Heather and me, monkeying around.

See, this is why I couldn't get very far. There is no way I could have done the splits to get to the next branch!!! Heather made it up great and only lost a shoe on the way back down. I seem to have lost both of my shoes....


Heather and me when it was time to head home.


E said...

Uhh, you asked who can resist climbing at tree like that?

I resisted just fine, thank you very much!


Tammy said...

You'd have been right up there with us if it weren't for your shoes...and the fact you were taking pictures!

Anonymous said...

I found you through your comments on Pioneer woman...had to see you climb the tree in heels! I will be in Gruene this week for Thanksgiving at my sisters home who lives in Seguin! i will have to take pictures of me and the kids climbing the tree...I will NOT have heels on though and i cannot do the splits! :o)


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