Saturday, November 24, 2007

Let the Christmas Festivities Begin

It does not seem possible that Christmas is just over a month away! I was not one who braved the malls and shopping centers the day after Thanksgiving. Instead, to kick off the Christmas season we, along with Erica and her kiddos, went out for dinner last night and headed to San Marcos to "Santa's Ranch" to see Christmas lights.

I love the tunnel of lights we drove through.

This carousel is very pretty and I knew Riley would just love it.

Another tunnel of lights.

And of course I love all the lighted gingerbread men everywhere!

The scene inside the car! Say "cheese" for Erica!

Every year near the top of a small hill are these lighted crosses.

I couldn't fit all 3 wisemen in one picture from where the car was.

After looking at the lights we drove over to the outlet mall to meet Jason so he could say hi to his family. He has to work the entire weekend, poor guy! Sorry you couldn't join us Jason!

Awwww....aren't they sweet?

Thanks Erica, Mathew, Cam and Riley for joining us in what has become an annual tradition for our family!

Erica has posted more pictures from our evening over here.


busysingersmom said...

Hey! I have just caught up with your blog! I enjoyed all your Thanksgiving posts. I haven't done as well keeping up with mine this long weekend. Maybe soon!

E said...

Thanks soooo much for letting us tag along. You need to take that last picture off though. j/k


And hey, it's STILL too early for Christmas!!!

LACEY said...

e--its never too early for chirstmas!! :) :)

beautiful pics!!!



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