Saturday, November 24, 2007

Life in the Woods

Marty happened to look out the window of the back door this morning and saw a doe wandering around the woods at the edge of the yard. Soon after, a buck started following her around. As she meandered through the woods toward the front yard, the buck followed but came much closer to the house. Marty told me to come look so I grabbed the camera and went to another window. When the deer came close enough I went out to the back deck for a closer shot. It was COLD outside and I had no shoes on!!! Small price to pay for pictures, right? After several clicks he noticed me and ran toward the front of the house. I went back through the house and watched out the front windows to see where he would go. He stopped at the edge of the yard, still close enough to get some good pictures so I went outside again. Only problem was, I still was without shoes and there's no roof over the front deck and the wet porch was like ice on my feet! Still, I clicked away until Marty brought me a pair of shoes to slip on. Here are the pictures I got. Mabye sometime today my feet will be warm again! :0)


E said...

So THAT'S why you said your toes were cold today! ha ha ha

And hey, Tammy.... Nice Rack. =0)

LACEY said...


ID HANG HIM ON MY WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

E= UR TERRIBALE!! :) :) :)


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