Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting

Tonight kicked off the Christmas season downtown with the Christmas Parade and the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Heather marched in the parade with the band and as soon as the parade was over the bands headed over to Central Park to play Christmas carols. After the first song, there was a countdown and then the mayor turned on all the Christmas lights in the park and the band continued to play several more carols. We have participated in this event every year since Heather joined the band in 6th grade. And every year, including this one, we watch with our friends Bill and Denise and their girls Bethany, Maggie and Katie. This year we watched with a large group of friends and family. We were also joined by Erica, Jason and their kiddos; my friend Krystal; our friend Paula (Jimmy had to sell hot chocolate in one of the booths so he couldn't watch with us!); and my mother in law and father in law. I love Christmas and love sharing events like this with friends!

Heather playing with the band.

Here we are with a big group of our friends. Paula and Jimmy were busy selling hot chocolate and missed this picture!

The lights in Central Park

Me, Marty and Heather after the parade and lighting ceremony.

What a good sport Bill was "babysitting" for Riley!

Heather gets a hug from her Granny after the band finishes playing.

My friend Krystal with her daughter Niki (Heather's friend).

Just what is it with these teenage girls when I try to take their picture??? Put your tongue back in your mouth, girls!!!

Marty and me, strolling downtown and looking at lights and Christmas trees.

Erica and Jason

Bill and Denise

Jimmy selling Marty hot chocolate for all of us. Yum!

Erica and me.

The fellas: Mathew, Bill, Marty and Jason.

The gals: Me, Paula, Denise and Erica.

The kiddos: Maggie, Katie, Bethany, Cameron and Riley.

Katie and me. I love watching the parade with you every year Katie!!!


E said...

We had a really good time tonight. I'm glad you talked us into going! Same place, same time next year. Let's hope the weather is as nice!!!

Tammy said...

It's a date!

Maria said...

Wow those pictures of the lights are beautiful! About teenagers and pictures... I think they're All like that. My daughter is always taking weird pictures. Her birthday is tomorrow and we got her a digital camera. More tongue pictures to come.

busysingersmom said...

I don't even know when our parade is here.... humm.... ???? But I'm sure we won't have sweater weather for it though!

Looks like you had fun!


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