Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Lights

I'm still waiting for Marty and Heather to find the time to hang the outside Christmas lights. This year's schedule seems to be even busier than previous years! So....while we wait, here are pictures of Christmas lights from Christmases past, taken with my old digital camera. I'm anxious to see what the pictures of Chrismtas lights will look like this year with the new camera. Until then....

Christmas lights reflected in the Guadalupe River.

I love the light posts downtown.

How our outside lights have looked in the past. Marty built the cross on the roof for me out of rebar.

The tree lighting ceremony downtown in Central Park. The town's school bands all play Christmas songs together as the lights come on. It's beautiful every year.


lacey said...

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick said...

Very nice. I love my digital camera. When you take 40 or 50 photos in one setting, one of them is bound to turn out good.

My blog is dedicated to a different kind of art.



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