Thursday, July 5, 2007

On Motorcycles...

In 2002 Marty bought a new Kawasaki Vulcan 750 and that's what he drives back and forth to work. Last year (or was it the year before???) when gas prices skyrocketed the first time, I bought this motorcycle, thinking I could learn to ride it quickly and save a bunch of money on gas. Time is something that seems to always be scarce around our neck of the woods. Marty didn't have much time to give me lessons but really wanted to be the one to teach me to ride it. He had dreams of each of us riding off into the sunset on our bikes or something like that and he'd haul Heather on his and I could ride mine. After 3 evenings spent trying to learn to ride it in the church parking lot, I still never got it out of first gear! Shortly afterward Marty and I went through Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University" and decided to make it our goal to get out of debt. My bike was the first thing to go. The payments were very cheap, but it was a luxury we really didn't have time for then. We sold it and got out from under that payment. I figure in a few years when our nest is empty and our debt is gone, we'll go back and look at bikes again.
In the mean time, the afternoon of July 4 was spent playing around on bikes. Heather's boyfriend Michael was there with his mini bike and it started with the men playing around on the mini bike and giving Riley and Cam rides. Then my mother in law got out her bike for them to play on too.

Mike, you do look good on your mama's bike! Shhhhhh...don't tell Debbie I said that! Mike will soon be the proud owner of this bike. (Don't cry Jason. There will be lots of cool bikes to choose from in 2018 when you can buy one for yourself!)
My nephew Chris took a spin on the mini bike:

I even took my turn! This one was easy. I should have started out on one like this. There's no shifting required, it turns very easily (something I had a lot of trouble with on mine!) and I didn't tip it over. (Didn't I make a great fashion statement riding in my swimsuit cover up???)

Heather took her turn after everyone stopped to eat and there was no audience. Since when did she not like to perform for an audience???

Michael's gonna show us how it's done!

Marty made Cam's day when he let him control the throttle.

Jason, enjoy it while you can!
Erica takes a turn. I wish I'd have followed her to see her drive into the woods when she tried to turn around!!!!
This is my niece Cheyenne.
Watch out Mike! She's really enjoying this!

Marty and Riley:

Erica, you and Jason do look good on it! (Jason paid me to coax you into letting him get one!)

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