Sunday, March 9, 2008

"He's the One"

At church this morning, our Kids Klub sang special music called "He's the One." The did such a great job and I'm proud of every one of them! None of the kids are mine, but I'm still proud to take pictures of their special events and post them as if they are. Most of them have been "mine" at one time in the nursery, and these that are 5th and 6th graders are "mine" as they are my Sunday School students. The photos I take aren't great as the lighting isn't the best for photography and I have to take the photos from way up in the sound room where I sit at a computer during worship services.

Here are all the Kids Klub Kids who sang this morning along with their "Kids Klub Khoir" director Mrs. Janice.

In the back row, the first 4 kids (from the left) are my Sunday School students. One other student of mine also sang this morning but is not in this photo.

Here are Riley and Katie. Riley is my friend Erica's daughter. Riley always has such a sweet expression on her face when she sings! In front of her is "my" Katie. I've posted blogs of Katie before. I'm very thankful for the many times her parents have shared Katie with me. We've always shared a special bond and she almost always has a big hug for me whenever I see her. I love how you can tell she's really singing out in this photo. She and her buddy Terryn did very well and did as they were supposed to this time. (I've posted before when Kids Klub presented a musical and the two youngest really hammed it up!)

Here's Terryn, Cheney and Mason. Cheney, I absolutely love your tie!

Many of the people from our church are involved in the upcoming Easter musical. After church today the youth provided a spaghetti lunch to raise funds for summer activities, then everyone involved in the musical had an all day practice until time for church tonight. I came home to take a nap because I'm sure Heather has shared her cold with me and I wasn't feeling well. (Gee thanks, Heather!) :0) Marty is in charge of the sound at church so he stayed at church all day, and Heather sings in the choir so she stayed too. Here is a photo Erica took of Heather during practice today. Heather has a solo she sings and I can't wait to hear it. (Thanks for the pic, Erica!!!)


E said...

You're welcome. I just loved the lighting and she was sitting there so sweetly. (that's rare!) ha ha ha

J/K Heather! You know I ♥ ya!

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