Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Sunday I Missed

I am still not feeling well and even had to stay home from church on Easter Sunday. I tried to get up and get ready to go anyway but passed out and finally gave up trying to convince anyone I could go and went back to bed. I so wanted to be there and I so wanted to see the musical everyone has been working so hard on. I wanted to hear Heather sing her solo. I just didn't want to miss any part of it. But I missed it.

My mother in law Billie took what pictures she could with my camera and Erica sent some pictures of Heather's solo that she had her son Robert take with her camera. Thank you so much, guys! I know it's not the same as being there and seeing and hearing it in person, but I do appreciate that you all tried so hard to help me see some of it any way I could.

Heather portraying a young Mary singing her solo "Beautiful Hands" to a young Jesus, portrayed by our friends' son Deano.

The young actors in the musical: Maggie, Bethany, Cameron, Deano and Cheney.

Our friend Dean portraying Jesus on the cross.

Our friend Denise portraying an older Mary as she sings "Beautiful Hands" to a crucified Jesus.

Because I wasn't there, I am unable to depict the scenes well for you. Check out Erica's blog for better captions for her photos.

Here's hoping you all had a Blessed Easter Sunday.


E said...

I'm sad you weren't there, too. Heather did a beautiful job. You'd have been so proud! =0)

(...and Marty did a great job with the sound, too!)

Grace said...

Hope you get well soon!It's never fun being sick on a holiday.

Thiên said...

Hi Tammy, I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy Easter Sunday with family and friends at church but sometimes you just have to listen to the body. I hope you are feeling well again soon!

Looks like the musical was quite a production! I'm really impressed.

LACEY said...


busysingersmom said...

That is sad! Being sick on or around a holiday is always a disappointment. December of 2006 Bill and I both had the stomach flu and totally missed Briana's winter choir concert and she had a solo in that too! Sometimes we just can't control these things! Hope you are feeling better!

Maria said...

I hope you feel better soon! I was sick on Easter a couple of years ago. I had a throat infection that got worse and worse until I finally got an antibiotic, and I'm not an antibiotic's person. So next year you'll be thinking, "I'm so glad I'm not sick like I was last year!". Next year will be better.


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