Saturday, March 15, 2008

In Which the Adults Get to Act Like Children for the Evening

Last night we were finally able to go out for another date night with our friends Jason and Erica. We'd been wanting to spend an evening out playing at Dave and Buster's and finally had an opportunity to do so. If you're unfamiliar with Dave and Buster's, it's a large restaurant and game room with pool tables, shuffleboard and soooo many video games you'd have to spend days there to play them all. We'd been looking forward to hanging out there without our kids (even though we know our kids would LOVE it too). We'll have to go another day with the kids. Marty's the only one of us who'd never been. I accompanied Heather's 8th grade band on a trip to San Antonio on a day they had a contest and then afterward went to Dave and Buster's to eat lunch and play games for the afternoon. I knew Marty would love the place. We spent most of our evening playing shuffleboard, which I had never played before. We switched up teams every round and I could generally be found on the losing team (sorry team mates!) but I sure had fun learning and by the end of the evening I had it down and my team mate and I at that time (Go Jason!) won the game. That game ended up being a close game because Marty and Erica would be ahead, then Jason and I would move ahead. It was back and forth like that the entire 40 points. And it helped that by this time in the evening Marty seemed to have lost his touch. :0)

The lighting wasn't conducive for the greatest photos, but this shot shows you how loooooong the suffleboard table is (for those of you who, like me, had never played before).

When Marty does play games, he usually takes them seriously. He did cut up and have a great time, despite being so worn out this week!

Erica's good at this game! And this shot makes it look like she takes her game seriously too! :0)

Jason and me.

If at any time Erica was off her game, it's because she had to put up with this.

Me and Marty.

Jason and Marty.

Me and E.

See, I told you she takes it seriously.

I'm just following her lead!!!!

The last game of the night, Jason and I won so we posed with our game pieces under the scoreboard.

When we finished playing shuffleboard we hit the midway to play a few games and we found photo booths and anyone who knows Erica, knows how she loves to have photobooth pictures taken with her friends. Head over to her site and check out the baby picture she and Jason created in a photo booth, as well as more photos of our fun night out.

Our last stop was a race car video game in which we could all race each other. Jason beat me and came in 1st, I came in 2nd, Erica 3rd and I think the long week at work and the late night (it was after 1 am when we left!!!) affected Marty more than we realized for he came in 32nd place.

Thanks for a really fun night out guys! We'll have to do it again soon!


E said...

We had a blast, too! Glad we finally got to go there with you guys. =0)

I sure am sleepy today though. It was 4am by the time we got to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzz I think I'm off for a nap in the sunshine!

lacey said...

bunch of teens hanging out?? :) so glad you guys got to hang out and "live a little" great aint it?!?!?! (tammy i love the pic of you and marty in the photo booth!!!!) oh by the way girls we hit 80 on wed and guess who hit the lake!!!! yep paying for it now cause i fried like a pancake!!! :) BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!!

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