Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Showcase '08

Tonight was the high school's Spring Showcase in which the Dance Team, Drill Team, Cheerleaders, and Winterguard perform their competition routines for the parents and community. The "Weesteppers" also performed. Weesteppers are the children in the community who spent a recent Saturday morning learning dance routines from the Starsteppers dance team. The little girls were then able to perform tonight with the "big girls" for all the parents. One of the little girls Heather has been working with even brought her a bouquet of flowers tonight!

Our friends Bill and Denise's middle daughter Maggie loves to dance and performed tonight with the Weesteppers. Heather was one of the teachers for her clinic Saturday.

Many of Heather's former dance team mates are now cheerleaders so I saw a lot of moms I knew from my dance mom days at the local studio. One of those dancers, Chelsea, and Heather used to be very close friends and looked so much alike people got them confused (even the parents a time or two when not looking close!). We used to call them the "twins" of the dance studio. Chelsea's mom Cassie sat not far from us tonight and when I called her name she said she didn't even recognize me and thought I was just one of the teenagers! I laughed and thanked her and teased Denise that we look like teenagers. What 30-something year old woman wouldn't love to be mistaken for a teenager?! :0)

For most of the evening, the lighting in the gym was terrible but I did the best I could with attempting to get good photos.

After reviewing the photos, I recognize this dance as being one Heather has told me so much about. She loves how this one starts because these 4 pictured here have been dancing together for 7 years, since we moved here. From left to right: Brooke, Shelby, Heather and Ashley. Gosh 7 years ago these were the little girls at the dance studio and now look at them!!!


Jenalee and Heather. They sure enjoyed this number and laughed all the way through it.

Heather and the dance team's modern dance number.

Shelby and Heather.

The winterguard performed their routine and it was fabulous! Everything from the costumes to the choreography was just beautiful!!!

Weestepper Maggie. She's having a ball!


Marty drove home from his out of town job site as fast as he could in hopes of arriving in time to see the performances. He missed most of Heather's and he missed Maggie's dance, but he did arrive in time to see 2 of Heather's dances and a few other performances. Of course it didn't take long after his arrival for Katie to climb into his lap! She loves her Mr. Marty!!!

Bethany and me watching the dances.


E said...

I'm glad Marty made it in time for a few of them at least. Looks like it was a fun night. =0)

busysingersmom said...

What is a Winter Guard? I'm guessing they perform with the band?

I like how Heather has the most pointy toes. :)


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