Sunday, March 2, 2008

More Meandering in the Backyard

These are more of the photos I took in the backyard yesterday. Soon I'll go see what's blooming a little farther than the backyard. My mother in law has given me some places she's seen some flowers in bloom and I'll have to stop and check those out soon too. It looks like I have about a week break from painting projects (except for the boulder I need to paint for a prop for the church's Easter musical). Hopefully during that time I can get busy with some photography.

And this is what Missy was doing the entire time I was in the backyard with my camera lens stuck in the flowers. She begged me to come play with her and her stick.


Angela said...

We were teased this weekend! We had beautiful weather! Still nothing green or blooming, but it's a good thing I guess. We are supposed to get colder weather again tomorrow:(
I envy you being able to take photos of your dog. Mine is a black Scottie and she always just looks like a black lump in photos.

lacey said...

yes i even got a sunburn saturday!!!!!!! but we suppost to get at least 6 inches of snow tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will you share some of your nice weather with us nice people????

lacey said...

that is so unfair!!!! we have 8" of snow this morning!!!!!!!!!!


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