Monday, March 31, 2008

Road Trip from Palmetto Park to Zedler Mill

After Nana and I left Palmetto Park Friday we headed into nearby Luling so I could show her Zedler Mill.

Just outside the park, yet still on the park road, we immediately began seeing more wildflowers blooming so, everywhere we could, we stopped for photos.

The first thing Nana saw that she wanted me to pull over to photograph was this cactus.

Just before we got to the end of the park road there was a scenic overlook:

Nana suggested for this photo we put my camera on the hood of the car and set the timer, so that's what I did!

Somewhere out there I saw a house off in the distance and I told Nana I want to live THERE! As I pointed it out she snapped my photo so she has one really dorky photo of me in front of this scene!

The large rocks at the ledge.

A lone "Manystem False Dandelion" among the Bluebonnets.

Texas Bluebonnets

I'll post the photos I took at Zedler Mill tomorrow and tell you of the interesting things we discovered while wondering around. Stay tuned!


E said...

I like the picture of the two of you together. I'm glad y'all thought to do that! And it worked very nicely. Well done. =0)

lacey said...

you two look great!!! keep the flower pics comming they perty!!!!!! :) and i havent seen any here yet cept some of the yeller ones that are the first to bloom i callm eater lillies but i dont know what they are!!!!

lacey said...

hey the first pic looks great as my background on my computer!!!


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