Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friends of Gold and Silver

You've heard the song, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." Those words ring so true for me this week.

I have friends old and new I wouldn't trade for the world.

I was feeling pretty rotten today and instead of wallowing I should have been counting my blessings. I took a nap and was awakened when the phone rang. My favorite aunt called to check on me and during our conversation the phone kept beeping. Elizabeth called and Erica called. None of them knew I was feeling down today but how great it felt that they'd be calling just when I needed them.

Elizabeth's been my friend the longest as we met when we were seniors in high school. We don't get to talk or see each other often but we've never let that come between us. Elizabeth was there for me the first time I thought my heart was broken and has been there ever since. Elizabeth, your phone call today was just what I needed! Once again, you knew without knowing!

Elizabeth and Me, Summer 1989, just before I moved to Arizona.

Dar and I have been friends since we were room mates in school in Arizona. No one knows me quite like Dar does as she's lived with me and loves me anyway. Dar was there when I met Marty, when I married Marty and when I had Heather. She's the one who completely understood when I wanted so badly to go home and quit school but held my hand as I stuck it out and together we made it through. Dar, your emails this week making me laugh are just the therapy you always know I need!

Dar and me, the day we met, Summer 1989

Erica's my newest friend and I count myself blessed to have her in my life. We never seem to run out of things to say and seem to find more and more we have in common. She's the one who keeps me from pulling out my hair over parenting a 16 year old daughter. She's also the one who, even in our 30's, can hang upside down on the monkey bars and act like a kid with me.

Erica and me, Summer 2007

I consider myself blessed to have friends such as these and even other friends who I consider silver and gold as well. These three are the nearest and dearest to my heart and I'm so very glad they are in my life. Whatever storm I'm weathering or whatever joy I'm experiencing, I know I can count on these 3 to be right by my side!


E said...

That's what friends are supposed to do!!! BE THERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU NEED THEM!

Feel better tomorrow!!! We can go hang upside down at the park if you need to. =0)

Elizabeth said...

Hey Thanks! I consider myself very blessed to have a friend like you.

One question--what on earth were you doing blogging @ 1 a.m.??????


E said...

Elizabeth, we were up later than that! The time stamp is actually off by an hour! ha ha ha


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