Sunday, March 30, 2008

Palmetto State Park

I've heard over the years from several people about a very nice park in a nearby town but until this weekend I'd never been there myself. Originally Nana and I had planned to meet my cousin Vanessa (who also lives in Texas) at Bastrop State Park (which is about half way between Vanessa and me) on Friday so we could see her and her kids but Vanessa couldn't make it. I suggested since Vanessa couldn't make it to Bastrop that Nana and I drive over to a closer park and stop along the way for any fields of flowers we'd see. Nana was game so it was a plan. I forgot to grab any of my maps when we set out so I called Bill who's one of the people who has told me of this park and asked him for directions.

We found our way very easily and when we entered the park were greeted with so much lush greenery and the whole park was just very peaceful. The campsites are great with leveled spots for pitching tents. I'm ready to grab Marty, Heather and a group of friends, the tent, some grub, and head back for a relaxing weekend on the river! And yes, I can call a camping trip such as that relaxing because Marty has always spoiled me when camping and that's when I get to relax and he even does all the cooking!

The first road we turned into led us to this pond.

There are many tent camping sites between the river and the pond.

The park was relatively empty but we did spark the interest of a couple of ducks who ventured over to check us out.

We drove further through the park and found a dead end so parked the car and followed a paved path. We followed the path over the river and up the hill and this is what we found at the end. There were more campsites, this pavillion and a playground. What a beautiful park!

Nana in front of the pavillion at Palmetto Park

Nana snapped this picture of me behind the pavillion

I'm definitely planning a return trip here!


E said...

Sounds like fun! We're ready when you are!!! =0)

Tammy said...

Ok, let's go! soon as our men take a day off WORK!!!!

LACEY said...

wow look at all that green stuff!!!!!!!!!!

beautiful park!!!!!!

we are seeing some green but not much on the trees yet. the dogwood is starting to bloom down on the lake!!!!!

slowly sping is arriving!!!


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