Saturday, July 14, 2007


My friend Erica has introduced me to a new activity she and her kids enjoy: Letterboxing. Letterboxes are a sort of online scavenger hunt in which letterboxers post clues online about the location of a hidden box or container with a stamp and a journal. Each letterboxer also keeps a journal and has their own identifying stamp. When you locate a letterbox, you stamp your own journal with the stamp from the hidden letterbox and you stamp the journal that has been hidden with your own identifying stamp. More information can be found here. You may also follow that link to locate letterboxes hidden in your area. Erica and I have been discussing letterboxes for a few weeks but had not gone "hunting" together.

Early this morning I left to go pick Heather up from camp, where she'd been serving as a Team Servant volunteer. Her boyfriend Michael accompanied me. We decided to head to Hobby Lobby before returning home. Heather and I decided while we were there to find stamps so we can begin letterboxing. She and I had opposing views about what supplies were needed. She called Erica to settle the disagreement. As it turned out, Erica was on her way out the door to take the kids to find letterboxes hidden in our town. After making sure it was ok for us to intrude on their family time, we decided to go with them and get some finds logged into our journals. Here are photos of our first trek into Letterboxing:

Following the clues to find "Blissful Buldog" in Starcke Park:

Cameron logging his find in his journal:

Heather and Michael stamping their journals in Central Park:

Erica, Cam, and Riley on the courthouse steps:

Michael, Heather and I on the courthouse steps:

I found a letterbox!!!! Ssshhhh...don't tell anyone where it is.

Heather, Micheal and I reading the clues to find "Pecan, The State Nut of Texas."

Erica, logging a find:

Heather and Michael studying a clue:

Erica and I stamping our journals:

Me helping Riley spell in her journal:

What a fun day we had! Thanks Erica for sharing your adventure with us!!!

If you would like to try LetterBoxing, look me up on as "photosbytammy" or find Erica as"ericastoybox". You can keep checking back to see what letterboxes we've hidden as well.


E said...

I am so glad y'all came along. We all had a great day! Now that we've covered most of Seguin, we'll have to head to a new town. =0)

LACEY said...


carmen said...

Heather looks so much like you!

It seems like fun.


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