Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghosts and Goblins and Spooks...Oh My!

Kids Klub at church held a carnival for all the kids to participate in games and activities and win prizes and CANDY! I've been helping out in the nursery on Wednesday nights so Lisa, who is usually in the nursery on Wednesdays, can help Kids Klub with the musical they are working on for Christmas. Until this past January when I began working in the office full time, I was the nursery worker for every Wednesday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night service, for five and a half years. There are times I miss it although I am enjoying being in the services with the adults. I do miss the kids, so serving in there on Wednesdays is enjoyable. But, I digress. Back to the Halloween festivities!

I took several photos of the kids (especially my nursery kids!) in Kids Klub tonight as they enjoyed their carnival.

All the Kids Klub Kids before the carnival.

Mr. Marty and Mrs. Reva helping the nursery kids (Chandler and Terryn) fish.

Cameron and Bethany waiting their turn to bowl.

Me with two of my nursery kids, Chandler and Terryn. I sure do miss you guys!!! Terryn will graduate from the nursery in a couple of weeks. I kept her in the nursery from the time she was born.

Cowgirl Katie. Katie and I share a special bond. She graduated from the nursery this summer, but still comes to see me in the office every week. When she discovered last week that I was in the nursery again she cried and cried to come back to the nursery. That melted my heart!!! I'm so thankful her mom Denise shares her with me!

Chandler posed so pretty for me after the carnival. For Chandler I'd be so tempted to go back to work in the nursery! What a sweetie!

After church I wasn't ready to call it a night so we headed into town with Erica and Jason and their kiddos to take their kids to the D.A.R.E. Carnival and go through the haunted house.

Erica and I after the haunted house. We don't appear to have been scared TOO bad! Although I did have one frightening moment in the haunted house! Marty got a huge kick out of that! I still think Heather put her friend up to it!

The two biggest, scariest spooks we saw all night!

Cameron, aka Spiderman!

Riley was such a pretty Ice Princess, even with puffy eyes caused by the haunted house. Sorry Riley, I hope you don't have nightmares!

After a quick trip for coffee to wind down we all headed home. Happy Halloween everyone!!!


The day Princess Riley got her costume Heather was teaching her how to curtsy in it.

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E said...

It was fun... Glad y'all tagged along with us!


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