Friday, October 12, 2007

Guadalupe County Fair...part 3...The Parade

There's a flu bug going around Erica's house, so I took her son Cameron to watch the parade with me and wait for Mathew and Heather who were both in the parade. Because Heather and Mathew were in the parade, we had to be there extra early. The positive side of that was we didn't have to search for a place to wait and watch the parade!

Here Cameron waits patiently for the parade to begin. He waited patiently with me for over an hour, baking in the sun.

Just before the parade began Denise and her daughters Bethany, Maggie and Katie joined us to watch. Upon arrival Katie wanted to know where Mr. Marty was. So, I dialed his number on my cell phone and gave it to Katie so she could call him and ask him where he was. Of course he didn't have the day off (I took a vacation day!) and he couldn't join us, but he was tickled to hear from Katie!

Here Denise, Katie, Maggie, Cameron and Bethany await the beginning of the parade. Katie just wanted a shade to sit in!!!!

I thought this was sweet. Maggie and Katie as they watch for the first float.

Cameron snapped this photo of Denise and me as we waited.

Finally!!! Here's the band, and this photo shows Heather in the very center.

The band was immediately followed by the Starsteppers Dance Team, of which Heather is also a member.

This is my friend Krystal, riding in the truck that is hauling the varsity cheerleaders.

This is Krystal's daughter Niki, on the cheerleader float.

Mathew's (also known as "Sunshine" by his teammates) waving from the middle of all those girls! He rode on a float for his school's sports and cheerleader teams.

This is Danie, a friend of ours who attends the church we do, with the rest of her tennis team, riding on a GVEC truck.

Here is my friend Shannon, with her son Dawson, on the 4-H float.

What a great day for a parade!!! Last year's parade was cold!!!!

Tonight.....Football against San Marcos.....Go Mats Go!!!

We missed you Erica, Jason and Riley!!! Feel better soon!!!

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E said...

Thank you SOOOOO much for being there for MY kiddos today, Tammy. Cameron really had a good time hanging out with you and the gals. =0)

I owe you BIG TIME!


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