Monday, August 27, 2007

Compare the Photoshop photos to the originals

Only one photo WASN'T modified in photoshop. Check them out:

Picture 1--This one is the original. Check out the photoshopped version under it.

Not a huge difference, but some sublte color changes.

Picture 2. This original just looks a little dull and has little contrast in the sky.

I just bumped up the contrast some and saturated the colors and it made a huge difference I think:

Picture 3. Just looks pretty boring (even if it does contain a rainbow.) The rainbow was fading fast as I snapped pictures and couldn't revive it completely but did make a bit of a difference.

I really bumped up the contrast and saturation in this one, to the point the blues look almost unreal. But, it sure added color to a gray sky.

Picture 4. Again, pretty gray and drab for a rainbow in the original shot...

Again with the saturation and contrast.

Picture 5. The sky isn't bad but it just doesn't "pop" like I want it to in this original photo.

Here I still didn't get the results I wanted but the saturation of colors sure adds more golds in it.

Picture 6. This is actually the only photo I did not retouch. This is how it looked straight out of the camera.

Picture 7. I wish the blues weren't so gray and that there was a little more contrast in the colors in the sky.

Saturating the colors and tweaking the contrast just a little helped some, but I still wish the blues were just a tad bluer....

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