Saturday, August 11, 2007


The next sibling in line to introduce you to is my sister Regina. We are a year apart, almost exactly (our birthdays are one week apart). I'm older (but I always tease her that she looks older 'cause that's my job as a sister!)

I'm closer to Regina than any of my other siblings. I've shared more of who I am with her, probably because we are so close in age. Growing up, we could go from best of friends to fiercest of enemies in the blink of an eye. Sorry Mom!

We grew up polar opposites but still played together lots. Are all sisters so opposite? Regina was all "tomboy" and I wasn't. I think it broke my heart when she no longer enjoyed playing barbies or dolls with me. We spent a great deal of time in the driveway playing with cars and trucks with Davy, too, but I always enjoyed the dolls more. Not so for Regina.

We were always playmates. Whether it was playing barbies under the kitchen table, catching tadpoles in the creek, fishing with cane poles in Grandpa's ponds, hiding in the hay in Grandpa's barn, racing barefoot up and down the driveway, picking blackberries to sell for money for the fair, playing cards and board games, or tracking each other's footprints in the snow; we were always together. We shared a room, we shared most toys, and we shared clothes. And the competitions were fierce. There was always a race to be won; whether running, biking, climbing the trees (I always lost those!), keeping the badminton birdies in the air, or standing on our heads. Even now I attribute my competitive streak to those days. The fights and arguments were extreme. But, through it all I could always count on her. We'd fight, but let anyone fight against us and we stood together against them. I was the wimp and she, my protector. I'll never forget the day our cousin Willie (who was always mean when he was a boy) had me on the ground beating on me and she let him have it!

I can't imagine not having her in my life. Even though we're far apart, we stay close with many phone calls and we visit when we can. I never would have predicted our lives as they have turned out but can't imagine having traveled this road without her by my side. My greatest sorrow for my own daughter is that she doesn't have a sibling and will never experience a bond like that of a sister.

Regina's family, 2007.
Her husband Greg, their son Brandon, their Daughter Danielle.

Grandpa holding Davy (on the left), me (on the right)
and Regina - 6 months old (in front)

Our family when we visited Pensacola Beach, FL.
Regina's the blond in the green swimsuit and I'm in the red one.

First day of school 1977. Regina's on the right, first day of Kindergarten.

Davy and I are on the left (he was in 2nd and I was in 1st grade)

I think Regina was in 1st grade when this was taken but I'm not sure.


Regina's senior picture. Class of 1990.

Regina's wedding day.

Dad and his girls a month before he died.

All us girls and Mom.

Regina and Danielle's glamour portraits last year.


E said...

WOW, your mom looks like YOU in that picture of you all on the beach.

lacey said...

i cant get over how much it looks like heather and danielle!! i wouldnt trade either of my sisters for the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

busysingersmom said...

Tammy, I am amazed when I see your old pictures of how much Heather looks like you did! Wow.


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