Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Teen Girls Ministry

My friend Linda and I lead a teen girls ministry at church. We plan fun activities for the girls to do, usually outside the church and have a devotional time that somehow relates back to the activity. We try to plan something each month, but some months it just doesn't work out.

Recently we planned a brunch in which the teenage girls had to choose ladies within the church to invite as their special guests. The girls were encouraged to eat with their guest and get to know them. We're hoping to encourage the development of relationships between the women and the girls and maybe this event will be the beginning of that.

Everyone seemed to have such a good time and the ladies were so excited to have been chosen as a guest! I asked each of the girls to write articles about their guest and am publishing each in the church newsletter.

That's Linda on the left and me on the right. We seem to be very tickled about something!

This is Michele and her guest Janice. Michele has one of the sweetest personalities of any teenage girl I know! Janice is our pianist and also leads the Kids Klub Khoir.

This is Debbie and she's the guest of Heather C. Debbie has the biggest heart! And this is my "other Heather." She used to live just up the road from me and has spent a lot of time hanging out at my house. She and my Heather have birthdays a week apart and this Heather is the cousin of my Heather's Michael.

This is Danie and her guest Alma. Danie learned that Alma loves motorcycles!!!

This is my Heather and her guest Tara, who is Danie's mom.

Linda and I asked Erica to come help us get brunch ready and to help serve. She also snapped a bunch of pictures for me! Thanks Erica!!!

Here's our whole group. What fun we had. We'll have to do this again!

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That is a neat idea!


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