Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seguin's Own Future Rockettes??


Each year on night 2 of Seguin's "Holiday Stroll" the Starsteppers dance team peforms in Central Park. The Starsteppers also perform with the "Weesteppers." Weesteppers are the grade school students who take classes for a few weeks after school, taught by Starstepper girls who travel to the grade schools in small groups.

Heather knows my favorite routines are when the Starsteppers do their "kick" routines. When they mess up it is very noticeable, but when they pull it off it looks awesome! Last night was AWESOME and the girls did a great job! Everyone in the crowd was impressed and commenting on how cool they looked. Heather was hoping it would be cold last night because she says kick routines make her very tired and make her sweat! Well, she got her wish for it was very cold!!!

I had not been in the "Christmas mood" lately but am finally getting there. My sister Regina was in shock early in the week when I told her I had still not decorated for Christmas. She knows that as soon as Thanksgiving is over I normally have my tree up and all my decorations up and am usually hounding Marty to get busy with the outside lights. :0)

I love this time of year: all the lights, the events, the time with friends and family, and the FOOD! Until last night I've been pretty glum about it all. After spending the evening with family and just enjoying wondering around together (and of course their patience with me as I kept snapping photos while they waited, freezing) I'm finding myself in a much more celebratory mood.

Tonight we have another family Christmas outing planned and I can't wait! I'm looking forward to it. Keep watching to see what we'll be up to!

The Starsteppers performed a kick routine to a Christmas song.


Heather and fellow Starsteppers with their Weesteppers group.
Vogel Weesteppers

Heather leading her group in their routine.


The Starsteppers and Weesteppers. The Weesteppers love the bigger girls!


This Weesteppers is Maggie, the daughter of our friends Bill and Denise.
Weestepper Maggie

I captured a very sweet moment when Heather was helping Mikayla with her ear muffs.

Then Mikayla was ready to pose with Heather for a picture, but her brother Justin wanted no part of it!

Heather with our friends from church Nancy and Richard. I have always loved how much Richard and Nancy adore Heather and vice versa!

Heather with her grandparents Billie and Freddie. Thanks for coming to watch Heather dance!

We ran into several people we go to church with so we took a group picture of all of us.

My friend Nancy loves taking pictures too and I love this photo I got of her and Richard while she was looking at her camera. We then laughed because we were both taking pictures of each other taking pictures!

After the performances we wondered around Central Park for more photos of all the lights before heading on to dinner and more lights in New Braunfels. For those photos visit my other blog.
Central Park3

Central Park2

Last year we went for a ride in one of these carriages after Heather danced.
Central Park carriage

Central Park

Heather loves the old buildings downtown and happily posed in front of the door to one of them.

See the rest of our evening here.


E said...

I'm so glad some others were able to join y'all for the night. =0)

The town really does look beautiful all lit up like this!

busysingersmom said...

I love their shiny red shirts & Santa hats! :)


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