Friday, December 19, 2008

Bracken Village Revisited

Last week my friend Nancy and I went to photograph the Christmas lights of Bracken Village. We decided to return for more photos last night, and this time Heather went with us. It was much warmer last night so I did not freeze! And, the gates didn't get closed on us so we did not have to hop any fences...I was so prepared to photograph that. Darn! It was a beautiful night and the light misty rains we've had off and on all week made for pretty reflections of the lights on the streets. The mist completely held off the whole time we were taking photos so we did not have to worry about our cameras getting wet. The 3 of us just wondered around the village taking photos of whatever struck our fancy. No adventures this time...unless you count the idiot who tried to run me off the road on the way........

Bracken Village DSC02840

Bracken Village DSC02842

Bracken Village DSC02859

Bracken Village DSC02874

Bracken Village DSC02877

Bracken Village DSC02883

Bracken Village DSC02891

Bracken Village DSC02897

Bracken Village DSC02907

Bracken Village DSC02918

street DSC02926_1

By the end of the night all 3 of us had wet jeans from kneeling, or in Heather's case sitting, on the wet ground to get just the right shot!
Heather DSC02932


marty said...

cool pics wish i could of been the there to take some pics of the photographer maybe next time

Angela said...

Beautiful! That should help put you in the Christmas spirit.


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