Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Sights and Sounds of Christmas--San Marcos Style

Sights and Sounds DSC01881

Saturday night found us celebrating Christmas with Marty's family. We'd all made plans a couple of months ago to attend "Sights and Sounds," a Christmas Festival held in San Marcos each year. We attended last year with friends and our family wanted us to attend with them this year.

Everywhere we turned in the park, our senses were assailed with "sights and sounds" of Christmas, not to mention the aromas as well with all the food too. The light displays were awesome.

Sights and Sounds DSC01737

Our first stop was this village of Bethlehem. I don't remember seeing angels standing guard at the entry last year but it looked really pretty.
Sights and Sounds DSC01741

We encountered a bashful looking camel in Bethlehem.
Sights and Sounds DSC01755

And at the far end of Bethlehm we found the Nativity. We'd gone in search of Heather's dance teacher Cathy who is usally an angel in the Nativity but we never did see her.
Sights and Sounds DSC01767

Bethlehem village is even complete with a jail where I sent Heather for this photo.
Sights and Sounds DSC01773

Upon leaving Bethlehem we ran into our friend Ron who had decided the Sights and Sounds would be a great place to play with his new camera.
Sights and Sounds DSC01787

My nephew Tony had to work and Debbie was sick, but Marty's brother Mike and our niece Cheyenne joined us. Sorry you missed it Tony and Debbie!
Sights and Sounds DSC01796

Cheyenne and Heather enjoyed the carnival most of all I think.
Sights and Sounds DSC01795

Sights and Sounds DSC01814

Sights and Sounds DSC01815

We all thought Heather and Cheyenne were crazy for wanting to ride this:
Sights and Sounds DSC01829

especially when we saw it did this:
Sights and Sounds DSC01850

Sights and Sounds DSC01873

This light display could be seen throughout the park.
Sights and Sounds DSC01874

Sights and Sounds DSC01894

All of us, (back row: my father in law Freddie, Mike, Ron, and Marty)
(front: my mother in law Billie, Cheyenne, Heather and me)


C and C Mommy said...

Just looking at that ride makes me sick!! Glad you had fun....if we hadn't been so tired we would have joined you!!

Tammy said...

We would have loved for you to have joined us! The more the merrier! It was a fun night!

E said...

Those angels were guarding the gate last year! I remember them. =0)

No Cathy this year, huh? She was directly above Baby Jesus last year.

Anonymous said...

Heather needs to spend time with Gavin he loves those rides and hes only 8.

Lana said...

Glad you guys had a great time! It looks a really beautiful place to go!

Sherri Kaye said...

That looked like so much fun. The Nativity was beautiful!


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