Tuesday, December 2, 2008



I've been getting reacquainted with old friends and classmates on facebook. I'm new to facebook and my daughter Heather informs me myspace is much better, but I like facebook better. I can find more of MY friends on facebook than on myspace.

I recently learned one of my high school friends/classmates (Andy) was going to be in Austin, which isn't far from me. I told him if he had time Marty and I would drive up to Austin to have dinner or coffee with him and catch up. I did warn him ahead of time that I would very likely have my camera in hand and that he'd probably end up on the blog.

So, last night after texting back and forth (isn't technology GREAT!!!) Andy and I decided we'd just meet in San Marcos. Apparently he's as thoughtful as he ever was and felt bad about us driving all the way to Austin. I tried to convince him since he'd come 700 miles the least we could do was drive 50 or 60 miles but he won that round. We met in San Marcos at Texas Roadhouse and once we all arrived the conversation never ceased until we all decided we had to call it a night. I haven't seen Andy since we were still in high school, almost 20 years ago. I so enjoyed catching up with him and hearing about his family and introducing him to mine. I knew he and Marty would hit it off great and they did. I told Andy next time he has to bring his wife Bobbie with him (also a classmate of ours). I'm anxious to catch up with Bobbie too because from what I understand she's a photography buff too!

Andy, it was so nice to catch up with you. And, Bobbie, I really hope you come with him next time and that there will be opportunity to show you around a little!

dinner with Andy

Of course Andy, who arrived from Missouri and got SNOW Sunday, did not feel a bit sorry for us that we were freezing last night at 40-some degrees!


E said...

Kinda funny that we both met-up with old friends this weekend that we found on Facebook. =0)

Lana said...

I always enjoy getting to know about how old friends are doing! Glad you had the opportunity to visit with yours! :-)

Sherri Kaye said...

It is great to meet up with old friends. Love the renaissance photos!


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