Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Carols

Tonight was our church's annual trip to go Christmas caroling at area nursing homes. I love to see the kids all enjoy this activity. They look adorable singing their little hearts out and they are so warm and loving to the residents of the nursing homes.

A total of 42 of us went caroling.
caroling DSC02167

Kids Klub sang some songs from their recent musical.
caroling DSC02168

Ashley looked so precious singing carols.
caroling DSC02172

So did Dillon.
caroling DSC02174

Heather singing with our pianist Janice.
caroling DSC02175

My friends Paula and Jimmy.
caroling DSC02182

Erica and Lana as the group walked around halls singing to residents.
caroling DSC02185

Ashley was so sweet saying Merry Christmas to the residents.
caroling DSC02189

Lisa and Chandler
caroling DSC02190

Dawn and Mitch. This is a realatively new couple at our church that we are all enjoying getting to know. They are a fun/funny couple!
caroling DSC02196

Lisa helping Cheney find his page.
caroling DSC02197

Holly looking so sweet.
caroling DSC02205

Cheney was so cute following along in his song book.
caroling DSC02204

I think everyone got a kick ouf of seeing the littlest ones wanting song books to sing with like the big kids and adults. Katie had a song book too.
caroling DSC02206

Heather sang along, and helped Janice turn pages at the piano.
caroling DSC02208

Katie wishing Merry Christmas to a resident.
caroling DSC02211

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Lana said...

We had a great time! I know the girls did as well, but one of those pictures on your blog is not Ashley it is Holly! :-)


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