Friday, December 12, 2008

Bracken Village

Tuesday night my friend Nancy and I decided we needed to go take pictures together of Christmas lights. I'd seen some photos she's been taking and posting at flickr and have been really impressed. I told her I needed some tips! She asked me where we should go and I knew just the place. Last night after work I picked her up and we headed to San Antonio to Bracken Village. All the shops were closed and there were no people, just lights EVERYWHERE. We took our time wondering around snapping photos and still didn't get everything we wanted. (I guess that means a 2nd trip is in order, right Nancy??) Thanks Nancy for your help and for the fun night out taking photos! And what photo trip with me is complete without some adventure thrown in??? Because everything was closing up, Nancy suggested I go move my car to the outside of the gates so we wouldn't get locked in. I did that and we were glad I did because the gates did get closed and locked on us. You guessed it, that meant we had to climb the fence to get ourselves out when we were finished! I should have photos of that but I don't. But, you just picture it and chuckle anyway!

Thanks Nancy, it was lots of fun!

TammyNancy_Bracken Village2

Bracken Village DSC02295

Bracken Village DSC02300

Bracken Village DSC02316

Bracken Village DSC02319

Bracken Village DSC02329

Bracken Village DSC02354

Does this building remind anyone else of Little House on the Prairie???
Bracken Village DSC02359

Bracken Village DSC02381

Bracken Village DSC02385

Bracken Village DSC02391

Bracken Village DSC02392

Bracken Village DSC02401

Bracken Village DSC02407


Elizabeth said...

Those are beautiful! And yes, that does look like the house from Little House.... :)

Hannah said...

WOW... these are great! WOW!

E said...

Oh cool. Love the lighting. Don't you wish you had someone to take the pictures of the funny moments that occur WHILE you're taking pictures? Yea,we needed to see y'all climbing the fence.


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