Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was spent with Marty's family. We didn't have far to travel at all, as Marty's mom (Billie) and stepdad (Freddie) live just down the road from us. Marty's twin brother Mike and his family are spending a few days with Billie and Freddie during Christmas. Mike will have to go to Iraq soon and has taken the month of December off to spend with his family. We have had a wonderful couple of days with family! Be watching for more of what we've been up to!

Each Christmas Billie chooses one person to lavish with extra special gifts. She began doing this after her husband Bob passed away. I was the first lucky recipient of the extra Christmas gifts. This year Heather's name was drawn. The recipient receives many gag gifts in addition to one really awesome gift. Heather had to open many funny gifts before opening the gift she'd been waiting for! She received a note telling her to go order her class ring and Granny would pay for it. How awesome is that?! Before getting to that gift she opened funky toe socks (because doesn't every granny at some point buy the grandkids socks for Christmas??), candy in boxes made to look like video games (because video games are usually on her Christmas list), a teeny tiny stuffed monkey, etc. Each gift had Heather and everyone else laughing and laughing.


Ever since Heather was little bitty she's always stuck the bows from her gifts on her head. She still does!

Opening gifts:


Tony was very touched upon receiving some of his late grandfather's woodworking supplies.
Tony gift 2


Freddie wanted to read my sticky notes from Billie. They said Chocolate: The Happy Food Group.

My sister in law Debbie

Heather with one of her gag gifts.

Marty gift

Freddie, Billie, Tony and Marty looking at some of my late father in law's woodworking projects.
Tony gift 1

Heather with Granny's bird "Bonnie." I think Heather is this bird's favorite human. I think her owner is actually her least favorite human. Sorry Billie!

After dinner the boys target practiced from the deck. Is this a redneck activity or what???


Billie challenged me to a game of Scrabble. I beat her twice then Mike joined us for the third game and I won again. Yay me! Billie and I usually run a very close race and go back and forth with wins and losses. This was my night!


Angela said...

Isn't it wonderful to be able to spend Christmas with family!?! Congrats on the class ring Heather! It must be a redneck thing to shoot guns at family get togethers as that is what Shannon was doing at my family's on Christmas eve.

Gram said...

What great gifts to get from your grandmother-----a class ring, prized woodworking tools from granddad's work shop. It looks like everyone in your family is blessed.


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