Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Fun the Bowling Alley

After pitching horseshoes all afternoon Friday, the whole family piled in the suburban for an evening of bowling. Bowling with this family can be intimidating since Marty, his brother, and his mom have all bowled on leagues, bowled in tournaments and even coached bowlers. They all take this game seriously! They've all also given up trying to coach me and have all agreed I have much more fun just enjoying the game and bowling badly rather than trying to get me to figure out how to do it right. :0)

Of course with this bunch and the festive moods we were all in I'm surprised anyone could bowl at all.

Anyone who has ever bowled with Heather knows it is rare to see her toss the ball in a normal fashion. Here's proof that sometimes she does!
Heather bowling2

Billie with her twins Mike and Marty.
Billie_boys bowling

See what I meant? No one was safe from pranksters when bowling that night! Marty seems completely oblivious to Mike...for now.
Marty_Mike bowling

Hey! I really can do this by myself and I do not need your help! :0)
Tammy_Marty bowling

Heather even got in on the pranks when my father in law Freddie was up to bowl.
Heather_Freddie bowling

This is normal for Heather. Notice she has her back to the lane. She really did send the ball down the lane from this position. She seldom scores great, but even so has been known to score higher than I do.
Heather bowling

I don't think Debbie had any idea what was coming.
Mike_Debbie bowling2

Nor did Tony when his mama snuck up on him!
Debbie_Tony bowling

Billie sure had Tony tickled about something! Poor fella could not bowl that round!
Billie_Tony bowling

What a fun bunch we all were and what a great day of laughter!
Mike_Debbie bowling

Billie don't try looking so innocent. We all know you're up to something!
Freddie_Billie bowling

Thanks for a GREAT day everyone! I think we all enjoyed it immensely!


C and C Mommy said...

bowling is sooo fun!!

Dan said...

Looks like great fun. I guess I am Heather-like on the bowling lanes!

Neal said...

Did anyone bowl above 100? :)

Sherri Kaye said...

This looks like a great time!


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