Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I guess most people start feeling older the more birthdays they've had. You know what makes me feel older than that? Seeing my younger siblings get older and knowing my daughter will graduate high school in less than 2 years.

Today my baby brother turned 26 years old. What???!!! 26??? When did that happen? He was born when I was just 14 years old and I remember so clearly what he looked like as a baby. I even remember what the moon looked like the night he was born. Knowing he's now THAT makes me feel old...older than my own birthdays make me feel.

Today would also have been Dad's birthday. Sadly Dad's been gone over 9 years now. That doesn't seem possible either. He sure loved sharing his birthday with Levi. So, October 1st, a day once celebrated in our family, has become a little bittersweet, with Dad gone and Levi still struggling to get his life on the right track.


E said...

Well, Happy Birthday to Levi. We prayed for him in Youth Encounter last night. =0)

CPA Mom said...

It doesn't seem possible that we lost your dad and my husband so long ago, does it?!

Happy Birthday Levi! And Joey too!

Carley said...

Holy moly there are a lot of new pictures!
I miss Haha so much and I love all the dance band and football pictures. I miss Seguin really badly. I might get to come visit for Spring break. I can't wait to see Haha, and the rest of yall!!! Miss and love yall.


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