Monday, October 27, 2008

Marching Season's Almost Over

As Heather says, she will soon have a life again. The high school band has had a contest every Saturday in October, they have practice after school every Monday through Thursday, and football games every Friday. Although she gets worn out from it by the end of the month, she LOVES it. But she also says she and the other band kids always look forward to the end of marching season because "then they can have lives again." I know Heather though and I know how bored she gets at the end of marching season. This year may not be so bad since she works every weekend.

Saturday evening Marty and I met his family for dinner to celebrate my father in law's birthday. (Happy Belated Birthday Freddie!!!).

(Sitting from the left around the table: Freddie, Billie, Marty, Me, Marty, Mike, Debbie, Cheyenne)
family dinner

After dinner they all followed us over to watch the USSBA State Band Contest. Our band did a great job and we stayed to watch other bands and then to hear the results and see the trophies awarded.

The Mellophones. Heather is in the lower right hand corner of the photo. I sure have a much harder time finding her when she's marching at contest than when she's marching at a football game!

marching band2

marching band

Heather is in the lower right hand corner of this photo.

Here are the results of all the band contests:

USSBA Regionals - 3rd place 4a, Best Percussion, & Best Visual

Judson Rocket Review - 1st Place 4a, Grand Champions,
Best Percussion, Best Color Guard, & Best Visual

UIL Contest - Division 1 Rating

USSBA State Championships - 2nd Place 4A, and Best Percussion.

A big trophy was presented to our band's drum majors and color guard captain.
drum majors

Great job, Matadors!!!!


E said...

Way to go, Mats! Sounds like y'all really did GREAT and all that hard practice paid off! Congrats!

Kristine Corpus said...

wow! great job


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