Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kicked by Mules

The Matadors were beat once again at last night's football game. They played the Mules of Alamo Heights in San Antonio. Better luck next week Mats!

The dancers were a riot tonight as they warmed up on the track next to the football field prior to the half time show. They always cut up and make me laugh, but tonight they were nuttier than normal. The managers of the team usually help make sure the 3 dancers who are also in band have their instruments where they need them. As Heather's horn was laid down on the track tonight, her friend Ryan, the school mascot, swiped it and pretended to play it. He messed around with it a long time before she even noticed he had it. (What an observant child I have, eh? I have no clue where she gets that!!!)

"Pepe" with Heather's mellophone.

Oops! Pepe's busted!

Good thing these instruments are made of some sturdy stuff!

Pepe gets kissed by Ashley and Heather.

Thank you Cleary, for snapping this photo of Heather and me!

Cleary always makes me laugh.

Usually Heather plays in the band, THEN dances at halftime. Tonight things were switched around a bit and she danced the kick routine then played in the band. I was so impressed with her performance during the kick routine. She has worked very hard this week on her kicks and it showed tonight. Her kicks were higher than I've seen them and I couldn't tell at all that she'd recently sprained her ankle. I believe she is over her injury!

The kick routine. Heather is third from the left.

All the girls in this photo look like they are having a great time!

I can't usually capture the girls this together. Great job, girls!

And on to the band....

For this shot alone, I LOVE my new lens!

Go Mats Go! Next week: Homecoming!

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E said...

Oh, Pepe's one lucky guy, isn't he? =0)

You did get some GOOOD shots. Nice job!


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