Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Averie!

I have plenty of family that I have not blogged about yet. Marty and I both come from large families so we have many many relatives. He has many I've never met and vice-versa. It's especially difficult to get to know each others' families well when the majority of his family lives in Wyoming, the majority of my family lives in Missouri, and we live in South Texas. Unfortunately we don't often make the trip to Wyoming to see his family. Thankfully we are able to keep in touch anyway, often via email. Many family members, although they don't often comment, do read here.

Marty is one of 4 boys. I've blogged most often about his twin brother Mike and his family. They live near here so we see them fairly often. His other two brothers, Andy and Rick, live in Wyoming. Andy and his beautiful wife Courtney have 2 children, Gavin and Averie. Courtney graciously emails photos of the kids pretty often so we can keep up to date with them. Our niece Averie turned 7 years old today! It just doesn't seem possible. The last time we saw her was in 2003 when we were in Wyoming for my father in law's memorial service. Time goes by way too fast and kids grow up so quickly!

These are photos I took the last time we were in Torrington to see Marty's family. Here is our niece Averie with her Uncle Marty.

Heather with her cousins Gavin and Averie.

Uncle Marty with Gavin and Averie.

And this is the most recent photo Courtney sent just a few weeks ago taken after the kids' soccer games. I cannot believe how much they've grown!!!

Averie, I hope you had a wonderful 7th birthday! We love you very much!!!

(It's also Riley's birthday today. Riley is the daughter of my friend Erica. Happy Birthday, Riley!)

And I almost forgot! It's Ryan's birthday too! Happy Birthday Ryan! (for those of you who don't know, Ryan, the school mascot, is a buddy of Heather's and they've been friends since 7th grade).

Coming up...more trips down memory lane! I've been digging in picture boxes trying to find these photos of Gavin and Averie and while I was digging, came across more blog material!!! Stay tuned....

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