Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday Night Lights: Mats vs. Antlers

I was too tired to post after last night's game so for those of you waiting, here it finally is. Unfortunately the Matadors lost last night's football game against the Kerrville Tivy Antlers. Nonetheless we will continue to eagerly support our Matadors!!!

This is the first home game I've been able to attend so I was very excited to be able to go. Plus, Heather was able to dance again after recently spraining her ankle. On another note, I was approached by 2 moms inquiring about my photography. I guess I need to remember to take my business cards with me even to football games. One dance mom had seen one of my photos published in a local daily paper and was eager to find out how she could purchase any photos I may capture of her daughter this year. I keep thinking I should get a smugmug photo website for photos such as this, but just haven't done so yet. Hopefully soon!

And Gerald, I didn't know until last night you're a reader here so hello to you and keep scrolling down, there's a photo of your daughter coming up!

It was definitely good to be back in the stands of Matador Stadium! Marty and I both got a big chuckle when the band played Ozzy's "Crazy Train" and several men seated behind us sang right along. It was great! Soon after, the opponents' band played "My Girl" and one of those men said, "Oh yeah? Well we got "Crazy Train!" Never a dull moment!

See? I'm back in my place next to Marty in the stands! Woo hoo!

Marty's mom and her husband Freddie are also season ticket holders to the home games and join us for those games. Freddie is out of town this weekend golfing with his buddies so Billie came without him. Here's Marty with his mama:

Our seats this year are close to the dancers and band so I don't have to go as far when I run down to take pictures of them. This one was taken from my seat of the dancers cheering in the stands.

One of my favorite starsteppers Cleary with everyone's favorite mini-starstepper Micayla (the dance teacher's daughter). Cleary's a senior and we will greatly miss her next year!

The Starsteppers performed a pom routine for the halftime show.

I captured a few shots of the game from my seat but I'm still playing with camera setting hoping for better shots.

Because it was middle school night for the band, they did not march during half time. The high school band played a couple of songs with the middle school students and the dancers danced. Later today the band will head off for their first contest so after the game last night they performed their entire routine for everyone who stayed to watch.
Heather among the other mello players.

Good luck today at contest to the Might Matador Marching Band!!!

Check back later for photos of that. I plan to head over to see that today as well!

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E said...

Hey, just so you know, we waved at you last night and you ignored us. We were out on 123, driving past the stadium, we waved as we drove by, and you didn't wave back. =0)

Glad y'all enjoyed the game even if you weren't victorious this time. There's always next time!


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