Saturday, October 18, 2008

Matadors vs. Buffalos

Our Mighty Matadors lost their Homecoming game against Clemens Buffalos last night. Our boys managed 2 touchdowns, one very early in the game but just couldn't seem to inch past those Buffalos again. It seems especially disappointing to lose our Homecoming game but we'll be right back out there watching them in Boerne next week.

Because it was Homecoming, the dancers and band did not perform at half time, but performed after the game. It was great to see so many people stay after the game was over to watch and support them!

It was a little chilly last night...the first game I've needed a jacket! I for one enjoy football seasons when it stays warm enough for no jackets at all!

I've been experimenting with more manual settings on my camera. I found some recommendations for my camera specifically for shooting night football games so I tried them out. Back to the drawing board....the photos have an overall bluish tint and I still didn't capture the action shots quite like I wanted.
Here are Michelle and Heather in the "Victory Line" before the game.


At halftime the Starsteppers and the Matador Band took the field to help present the Homecoming Court.

Presenting Sophomore Duke Joseph and Sophomore Duchess Valerie.

Because it was chilly, Cathy took the dancers into the gym for their warmup time.

Heather's kick during practice in the gym.

Cathy prays with the Starsteppers before every performance. That impresses me so much! Thank you, Cathy for taking such good care of our girls!

Heather and Michelle.

The Starsteppers' kick routine. Heather is in the middle, on the 50 yard line.

(Starstepper) Duchess Ashley (Junior class) with her flowers and sash. Congratulations Ashley!!!

Another Starstepper, Valerie, is the Duchess of the Sophomore class. Congrats Valerie!

Heather with her pal Ashley.

After dancing with the Starsteppers, Heather joined the band. The Mighty Matador Marching Band will be in contest today. Good luck Mats!!!

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E said...

I'm so sorry they lost. That IS especially disappointing at Homecomeing, I know. I'm sure it was a fun night anyway!


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