Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Mighty Matador Marching Band

Yesterday turned into a busy day! The fair parade was yesterday but I didn't attend, so to see how that went you'll have to check out Erica's and Lisa's blogs. The high school marching band had a contest in nearby Schertz yesterday afternoon so I opted to go watch them there. Heather requested that I watch the marching band contest. I never see her march in her band uniform because I only see the band's performances at the football games or at their practices. During football games Heather marches in her dance uniform. She's been telling me for a long time I need to watch the band from high up in the stands so I can see all the formations. I usually watch them up close, like on the sidelines where I can take closer photos of the dancers.

I invited my mother in law, Billie, to attend the contest with me. Earlier in the day my sister in law Debbie called to invite us to meet her in San Antonio to help shop for a dress for my niece Cheyenne's first Homecoming dance. Since we already had plans to attend the band contest, we arranged to meet before then to help shop. After finding THE perfect dress for Cheyenne Billie and I raced over to Schertz to watch the band.

We arrived in time to watch two bands perform before the Matadors. The Mats did an awesome job!!! Later in the night Heather called to tell me they placed 3rd in their category and qualified for State. Go Mats Go!!!

The Mighty Matador Marching Band in action!

Heather with her buddy Tiffany

Tiffany and Heather

Heather and her Granny. Thanks Granny for going with me today!

We decided to leave after watching our band perform because I had a date with Marty! We found Heather after their performance to snap a couple of photos and tell her hello and goodbye and raced back home. I arrived back home with just enough time to change clothes, pick up Marty and head back out the door to go back to San Antonio to see the movie "Fireproof." If this movie is playing anywhere near you, I recommend you take your spouse and go see it. It can change your marriage. If you've seen "Facing the Giants," this movie is produced by the same church that produced that movie. Check out the trailer for the movie here.

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E said...

Sounds like they did a great job.

There was only one band in the parade yesterday - so that was kinda weird. I just wish Lifegate had a band! =0)


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