Saturday, October 25, 2008

We Got Charged

As is the norm for our Friday nights in the fall, we attended the high school football game. This one was an away game, in Boerne. My friend Pat invited us to ride with her and her family so we gobbled down quick sandwiches as soon as Marty got home from work and headed out.

Unfortunately the Matadors lost their game to the Chargers. I think the final score was 54 to 38. As has been the case in several of the past games we started out well but just couldn't keep it up througout the game. We have one more away game and one more home game. The last home game will also be the game where the dancers dance with their dads (or substitutes) for the half time show. It's known as the "Bob and Sue" dance and is a tradition of the dance team. They'll begin practicing with their dads this Sunday and it's always fun to go watch the dads as they learn their parts.

The dancers performed their pom routine last night, and were allowed to wear their uniform pants instead of the skirts since it was pretty nippy outside.

The Starsteppers


As soon as the dance was over Heather and 2 other dancers who are also in band ran to the 50-yard line to grab their instruments and take their places with the band.

I've been experimenting more with the manual settings on my camera and I think I'm much closer to finding setting that work for capturing shots of these moving kids under the lights of the stadiums.....and there are only 2 more games left in which to experiement!

My favorite mellophone player, of course.

She always looks so serious when performing with the band.

Marty brother Mike, his wife Debbie and their daughter Cheyenne met us in Boerne to watch the game with us.
Mike, Marty and Debbie:

Me with my niece Cheyenne.

At the end of every game the band plays the school song and the cheerleaders, dancers and anyone else who knows the words, sing along. This row of dancers were cracking up through the entire song!

As you can see, Heather doesn't always look so serious when performing with the dance team! Once they get back into formation in the stands they sometimes cut up and goof off!
"Miss Innocent"....NOT! ha!

After the game Heather wanted Cheyenne to come down to where she was to say hi. Such cute cousins!

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E said...

Well, it looks like y'all had FUN despite the loss. Glad Mike & Debbie got to join you guys. =0)

I'm looking forward to the Bob & Sue dance!!!


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