Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mums and Garters and Ribbons...Oh My!

It's Homecoming week at Heather's high school. With that comes the trip to the Homecoming Store for all the stuff to make the garters and/or mums, the upcoming parade and pep rally, the Homecoming Football game on Friday night and the dance on Saturday.

Heather likes to have her hand in picking out what goes on the garters, etc., but this year found her too busy to make the trip to the store with me. So today on my lunch hour I headed into town to pick out the stuff I was sure she'd like....only to find the Homecoming Store had closed! I drove over to a florist that I thought I'd heard carried the goodies too and was in luck. I found ribbons, flowers, stars (Starsteppers have to have lots of stars you know!), a french horn, ribbons that say "This Band Rocks!", music notes, dance boots, bells, a football, etc.

When Heather was through with band and dance practice for the night I picked her up but rather than get home so we could make her garter, I persuaded her to join me at the walking track to go walking. I started yesterday and walked 2 miles. It felt great! She was in a great mood tonight and didn't grumble a bit about having to walk after rigorous dance and band practices back to back. We walked our 2 miles, ran some errands and came home.

Before moving to Texas I'd never even heard of Homecoming Mums and Garters. When Heather was in Middle School a lady at church told us all about the tradition when Heather announced her friend Ryan was getting her a mum. Barbara took Heather under her wing and helped her make Ryan a garter. After that each year, now that we know what's expected, we buy the supplies and make them ourselves.

Here we are getting stuff glued and ribbons attached.

Heather worked intently on her garter.

Voila! The finished garter:


Spreading Bloggy Love!

Lisa sent me this award tonight (Thanks Lisa!). In turn I'm supposed to list 6 THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY and send this award on to 6 bloggers.


1. Chocolate! (Come on, you KNEW that would be there!)
2. Floating peacefully in the pool on a hot summer day.
3. Going to the beach
4. Fun family time, when no one is fighting.
5. Receiving an honest to goodness letter in the mail from a loved one.
6. Being in the right place at the right time to capture a great photo.
Now to send some bloggy love on to 6 bloggers I enjoy reading:
(Thien I 'd send it to you, but Lisa already did!)
1. Erica at Scottsville
3. Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses (You Rock Carmen!!!)
4. Arija at Garden Delights
6. Suzanne at Busy Singer's Mom

Be sure to visit them all.


E said...

I used to LOVE making the mums back in my highschool days, but not so much anymore...

Guess it won't be long before we sit down to make ours. =0)

Thanks for the Blogger L♥v.

Arija said...

Tammy, how sweet of you to include me in your awardees.It may take me a week or two to pass on since I'm not up to speed yet with linkages. I have to await my daughter's return from parts foreign to get some assistance.
Thank you again for your kindness.

xx Arija.

Dan said...

Hi Tammy! thanks for the award and thanks for checking up on me. Nice to be missed!

I will be back to blogging soon. I had something of a photography disaster here last weekend which will be in my next blog post.

Lana said...

I remember those days! My sister always makes the girls there little mums! They are starting way too young!

Sherri Kaye said...

Thank you Tammy for awarding me with the Kreativ Blogger award. It really means a lot to me. It has been great visiting your site and I look forward to reading your comments on mine. I feel like I know you personally! I will have no trouble listing 6 things that make me happy, but may have a little trouble with the 6 blog sites. I only have about 5 I visit daily and 2 of them are you and Erica, but I will try. Once again thank you very much.

Angela said...

Looks like Heather put a lot of work into making that garter-it looks great! I am lost however, does Heather wear it or give it to someone else?

Carmen said...

Tammy, you are too sweet! Thanks so much - I'll send it around later on this week!

Tammy said...

Angela, generally the girls make or buy garters for the guys and the guys buy or make mums for the girls. Mums are made much much larger and pin to the girl's top much like a very large corsage with ribbons that hang way down. Many girls wear garters though and each of the dance team members will wear a decorated garter with their uniform during the homecoming game. Check back on old blog posts for pictures of this or be watching for this Friday night's game pictures. We definitely never saw anything like this in Missouri and Arkansas!


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