Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Missed the Best Part of the Sunrise

I didn't have time to stop this morning to photograph the gorgeous sunrise I was seeing in my rearview mirror! I was so tempted but knew it would be impossible to do and get Heather to school on time, so I just kept driving. I dropped Heather off and decided rather than to go to the coffee shop for my morning coffee I'd run into McDonald's and check out their new coffees...and it was FREE!!! I didn't know it would be free when I decided to stop in so I was glad I chose to have my coffee there. It was pretty good, but I must say it's still not as good as my grande white chocolate mocha with caramel from the coffee shop!

With coffee in hand I headed back down the road to go to work. On the way this time I did have time to stop for some pictures, even though the sky wasn't near as spectacular as on the trip into town.

Although my evening didn't end as pretty as it started, I did have 2 white knights come to my rescue when a tire went flat on the suburban. Thanks Marty and Bill! Heather was sure impressed with how fast you two worked to get that taken care of!


marty said...

you missed the best part it was at 7:05 this morning!

Thiên said...

Looks pretty spectacular Tammy!

Kristine Corpus said...

Oh my! I love the second one. Very nice. Funny enough, I wanted to stop this morning and take pictures, too! Alas, no time with the tardy bell looming before us.

Maybe next week.

E said...

Hey, I got a free Iced Coffee handed to me today in the McDonald's drive-thru. I tried to give it back and told them I didn't order it. They had to convince me it was free! =0)

I missed that sunrise somehow. Glad you got it!


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