Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heather Will Dance Friday!

When we picked Heather up from band practice tonight she excitedly told me her dance teacher has begun to let her work on the new kick routine slated to be performed at the homecoming game in 3 weeks.....and she gets to dance at this week's home game too!

Last Friday Heather was able to stand in formation with her team, but not dance the half time show. Her teacher was able to find her a larger boot that accomodated her larger, wrapped ankle so she was able to go down on the field for the pregame activities and was able to be in formation in the stands with her team.

Hopefully her ankle does well for the halftime show Friday night, and for the band's first marching competition that will take place Saturday evening.

The dancers in their "Victory Line" ready for the football players to enter the field.

I often read the online version of my hometown's newspaper. Tonight when I read it I turned to the People section and read the following, which made me so wish I lived close enough to my hometown to go to their homecoming game!

Here's what I read:

Class of 1989 to have a tailgate party

Members of the West Plains High School class of 1989 said they are proud to be a part of 100 years of Zizzer pride and to honor this tradition will hold a tailgate party from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Friday, prior to the Homecoming game.
The tailgate party will be set up across from the entry to the high school parking lot on the grass area by the baseball field . All classmates are encouraged to attend.
“Please bring your own hamburgers or hot dogs to throw on the grill,” organizers said.

It has now officially been 20 years since I've attended a football game in my hometown. Wow, I didn't realize it had been that long....

PS. Happy Birthday, Unlce Bobby!!!


E said...

Good! I'm glad she'll be back in action. =0)

Lana said...

I can always remember I was glad to be back in all the activities after I was hurt! Glad she is dancing again!

busysingersmom said...

Heather looks so pretty!

The 100th Year of the Zizzer organizers are expecting huge turnouts. I heard 3,000 people, but I find that figure a little hard to believe. There are a bunch of class reunions being held that weekend and coming to the game as groups. Briana said at her student council meeting yesterday, she heard the school will have a tram service to pick people up and drop them off at the gate, as they are expecting people to have to park way off. Unbelievable. Wish you could be here too!


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