Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet Sunday

Each year, on a Sunday in September, instead of evening church services our pastor and his wife invite the entire church to their house for a picnic. They have a beautiful place on the river they love to share with their church family and friends.

I didn't go around taking tons of pictures like I usually do and instead sat and visited with friends and relaxed for the evening. I handed the camera off to Heather for the short time she was there before she had to go to work. Instead of taking photos of groups of people like I thought she was doing, she snapped photos of a few individuals mostly. I guess beggars can't be choosers, right?

How many kids can you fit on a hammock???
Left to right:
Bethany, Riley, Dawson, Katie, Maggie, and Abby

I'm only posting this to prove that yes, I am up and around an no longer just laying around on the couch! :0)

My friend Shannon. Be watching for more photos of Shannon. I may be taking portraits of her and her kids soon. I'm looking forward to that. It should be fun!

Marty appears to be in the middle of a fish tale, but I don't remember what he was talking about.

Our friend Ron joined us for the evening too.

Bill appears to be meditating. But I guess if you are the meditative sort, what better place than this peaceful spot on the river?

It was a very nice evening, although it seemed the evening was over all too soon. Marty and I stayed longer than most so Marty could help repair a water pipe that broke during the picnic. Once he finished with that we headed out as well and opted to stay in town until time to pick Heather up from work.

While Marty helped repair the pipe, I wondered back down to the water to take pictures. Isn't it a beautiful spot?

I kept hoping the pinks in the sky would get lower so I could get a better shot of the pinks reflected in the water, but this was the best I could get.

Lately we are getting a small taste of what our empty nest may feel like in a couple of years. Heather has always kept us very busy running her to activities, etc. Now that she is working we are still on the run a lot, but we have a lot of weekends without her.

When we left the picnic we decided we'd watch the late movie "Nights in Rodanthe" while we waited for Heather to get off work. We still had time to kill before the movie began so we headed to the coffee shop and sat outside to enjoy the nice night. When the other outside tables began to fill up with other customers we opted to go walking downtown. I knew Marty and I were thinking the same thing when he told me the evening reminded him of our evenings when we lived in Arizona. Back then we were broke students and we spent many evenings walking or biking for entertainment. The movie was good, although very sad. I so enjoyed our evening, but I'm sure I'll be very tired tomorrow! Here's to hoping Heather doesn't have many more nights of working till midnight!!!


E said...

I love the photo of all the kids on the hammock. It's a great shot. =0)

Sounds like you guys had a FUN evening out.

CPA Mom said...

wow, you look EXACTLY like your mom in that picture. Gorgeous!


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