Thursday, September 25, 2008

Playing Tourist in Brazil

During some of the team's free time while on the Brazil Mission Trip, Marty and Billy opted to head down to the beach to check out the Kitesurfing Competition. They both liked what they saw so much they wanted to try it for themselves, but unfortunately time and money didn't allow for that.

Hey, Lisa, what are the odds that lessons in kitesurfing end up on the guys' Christmas wish lists this year???

I do agree after looking at the pictures it would be something fun to watch. Out of curiosity I searched for kitesurfing on the Texas coast and actually did find places in Corpus and on South Padre that have shops, lessons and the works. Pretty expensive stuff though!!!

Kitesurfing is surfing a board similar to a wakeboard, while strapped to a huge kite you fly at the same time. Each kite contains a chamber that runs the lenth of the kite that holds air, which keeps the kite extended at all times.

Here are the photos Marty took of the kitesurfing competition in Brazil:

The green and red objects lying in the sand are the kites.

You can see from this photo of a young man carrying a kite just how long they are.

Check out my other blog for Marty's cool sunset photos from the plane trip home.


Gretchen said...

Really neat! I'd love to get there some day. Thanks for sharing it through your eyes.

Thiên said...

Now these are lovely indeed. Wish I was there.

E said...

Those last two photos are really pretty!!!


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