Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Friday Night Lights

I've been home, sleeping most days, as I recover from surgery. Unfortunately I missed last Friday night's first football game. I will have to miss this week's out of town game as well but hopefully will be ready for the following game.

Thankfully Marty and our friend Billy were both able to capture some photos of Heather for me during the halftime show. I thought I'd have felt like catching up on blogs by now but no. Keep watching. I'll slowly get caught up again.

The dancers in the stands

Heather with the band

Heather's the one in the very center here

Heather during the dance portion of the half time show. She's the center one in these photos:

Thanks again Marty and Billy for getting the photos I could not!!!


Lana said...

Go Matadors! I have been waiting for you to start blogging again! Get Better Soon! I am missing your blogs and you of course! Glad you were able to get some pictures of Heather Friday night!

E said...

Ahhh, her blog is fresh and new again! It was getting a little stale. So glad you're feeling like Blogging again!

One thing I do miss about the Matador football is the awesome halftime shows and the band! The Falcons just don't have that...

Oh well, I still cheer for the Mats too --- just from up the street. =0)


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