Sunday, September 21, 2008

And the Morning was Filled with Beautiful Music Again

I'm feeling so much better each day. I have been well taken care of during my recovery and am blessed with a wonderful church family. Friends have been bringing me food, sending me cards, and even picking up prescriptions for me. My mother in law moved me into her house so she could help take care of me when Marty went to Brazil on a mission trip and I suffered a setback that could have landed me back in the hospital. Thanks to her I was soon on the mend again and able to move home a few days ago.

This morning I was able to attend church again and it was so nice to get out of the house. During the worship service, our "ensemble" played their instruments and it was so beautiful to get to listen to. They've been practicing together whenever all their busy schedules allow and Heather joins them with her french horn.

Rodney on his trumpet, Richard on his sax, and Heather on her french horn.

After church my friends Pat and Lisa treated Heather and me to lunch at my favorite place: the local coffee shop! Thanks Pat and Lisa!

(Check back tomorrow to see if I'm successful in uploading a video of the song the ensemble played at church this morning.)


janice moss said...

SOOO GOOOOD to see you back on here. Wish I could see heather better, her hair covers up her pretty face! Love ME

E said...

Oh boy! Just wait til Marty sees the pics of Heather's hair. Can I watch???? {{snicker}}

I couldn't hear them play from the nursery. =0(

Glad to have you back in the blogging world once again!!!


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