Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Brazil Mission Trip Update

Pastor Mitch, with missionary Sharon translating during an evening outdoor service.

Brazil Mission Team member Billy, with missionary Sharon translating during a day of VBS in Brazil.

This was received in an email a few days ago from our pastor and friend, Mitch:

Well, we are half way through our Brazil mission project and the devil is still trying to disrupt things. Please continue to pray for us, the people of the FBC Luis Correia and our missionaries. We learned last night that the brother-in-law of Pastor Julio’s wife was shot in the stomach while at work. He is a night watchman in Teresina (the city we fly in and out of). Details are sketchy, but we learned this morning he has died. Needless to say, this has disrupted the focus of Pastor Julio and his wife, Audi. They hosted us in their home for lunch today and we had a wonderful traditional meal, but she is very sad. The custom here is to bury the dead within 24 hours, so the funeral was today and there was no way Audi could get to Teresina before the funeral. She may ride in with us as we depart.

Now for the good news. Some 15 people stepped forward last night to say that the wanted to know Christ in a personal manner. Reva shared her testimony, Marty sang a solo (yes that’s correct, a solo) and I preached an evangelistic message. So far, our team members have led over 30 people to Christ through evangelistic visitations in the homes. Here in Coconut Beach, there are only two classes of people: the very rich and the very poor. Many of the large, expensive ocean front homes are empty. They are vacation homes for the rich. Many have a small house on the property which houses another very poor family who looks after the place while the owners are away. Then there are the fishermen. They live in small tile homes with only hammocks for beds and with little other furnishings. There are also construction workers building the large fancy homes. They live much like the fishermen. These three types of people are the ones we are mainly trying to reach because they are here year round. There have been many who have expressed interest in a weekly Bible study and even a new church. Vic and Sharon believe the little town is ready for a mission church to be established.

Pray for us over the next few days for something special. Unknown to Pastor Julio nor to Vic and Sharon, there is the Brazilian National Kite Surfing Championships being held in Coconut Beach this weekend. It actually begins today and will run through Sunday. Hundreds of people are expected and we’ll be handing out tracts to all who will accept. Pray for opportunities to share one on one with some of these visitors.

We love you all and we’ll send more updates as we can.

Bro. Mitch and the team

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Sherri Kaye said...

What a wonderful job your husband and friends are doing. God bless them all!


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