Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This and That

Things are happening, just not a lot to blog about lately. I did go back to work yesterday, part time and that seems to be all I can take for now. The best news: Marty will finally be home tomorrow! It seems this mission trip has been sooo much longer than those in past years. It will be so good to have him home again, although I'm so glad he was able to go.

I heard his voice tonight for the first time in 12 days. We've emailed every night while he's been away but there've been no phone calls since he left the USA. Tonight the team arrived in Florida and will make the final leg of their journey home tomorrow.

I have yet to make it to a single football game this season and we're hoping I'm up to making the out of town trip to Canyon to see this week's game. Heather's ankle is healing but she will still be unable to dance with her team at halftime this week. She will be marching with the band so at least she's able to participate some. Maybe by the following week she'll be dancing again! She went back to work this weekend and although I had to pick her up early Saturday because of her swollen ankle, she worked her entire shift Sunday. Her job keeps her on her feet the entire time.

Before I know it life will once again be the rat race it once was not so long ago.

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