Monday, September 15, 2008

Brazil Mission Trip

Our church received the most exciting email today from our pastor who is in Brazil with a mission team, including my husband Marty.

I have heard doubts from many about Marty continuing on this mission trip with my problems recovering from surgery. Today's email confirms without a doubt that we came to the right decision that he should continue his trip as planned. I told him last week that God must have great plans for this team otherwise why would satan be throwing so many stumbling blocks before this team? Here is my pastor's email and the photos he sent with it:

"I know that some of you have already received updates from your Brazil team,however I wanted to share with you a couple of photos from today. One is ofthe afternoon VBS class (about 45 children) and the other is of the Rodriguez family. Marty shared the gospel with the adults of this family and five of them accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. The people of the First Baptist Church in Luis Correia, with whom we have partnered, are doing a wonderful job with us, as are the interpreters. Pastor Julio this afternoon said, as he was wiping his brow, "wow, and it's only Monday!" Thank you for your continued prayers. We will be conducting an evangelistic service tonight in the home of a lady who lives in Coconut Beach. Her daughter, a believer, is the headmaster of the school where our VBS is being conducted, but she was not a Christian until this morning. One of our team members led her to the Lord. As you can tell, God is already doing great things and it has already been worth all the problems we had to overcome. Give Him Praise and Glory!

This photo is of the family mentioned above with Marty (in the yellow t-shirt)

VBS in Brazil

Our God is an awesome God!


marty said...

hey glad to see your up and blogging again.

E said...

It was an AWESOME email, wasn't it? I know it made your day! I shared it with those at my work, and thought how neat that even all the people at my work are stopping what they're doing to hear the news about "our" mission trip. I hope Mitch keeps the emails coming knowing that it gives more of us an open door to share!

LACEY said...

glad ur feeling better tammy!!! :)
is heather up and running yet???

Lana said...

I am glad to see your up and blogging too! I am so glad that Mitch sent the email it just confirms that the Lord totally knew what He was doing when we had doubts.

Anonymous said...

Indeed He is awesome!! I'm so glad that Marty went on the trip. It must have been a difficult decision for both of you to make, but God surely blessed it. We're praying that the trip continues to be blessed, and that you will be feeling MUCH better soon!

Erica's Mom

Larissa Pereira said...

It was really good read this email!
Specially see all the things our God did among us in those days.
Remember that, makes me be eternally thankful God because I joined there, been used in His hands!



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