Friday, September 19, 2008

My Visitors Today

This afternoon when I woke from a much needed nap I saw one lonely deer standing in the yard, looking toward the house. He seemed to watch my every move as I gently opened the door and stood on the deck to take his pictures. After a few clicks he ran off, but didn't go far. Normally we see multiple deer at once so it was unusual to only see this one. I'm hoping his mama wasn't the wounded deer I saw on my way home yesterday, dragging one of her hind legs behind her as she ever so slowly crossed the road in front of me. I felt so sorry for her but didn't see anymore of her today.

Later in the evening some more deer were in the yard so I ventured out onto the deck once more to capture them as well. Almost as soon as I started clicking I could hear something coming down the road, and the deer could hear it too. Their eyes were trained toward the sound, but they remained still the whole time as Heather drove up in my father in law Freddie's pickup. Freddie rode up on the lawn mower soon after and the 2 of them set to work getting the lawn mowed for us. Thank you Freddie and Heather!!!

I must admit, it's been so long since I held my camera it almost felt foreign in my hands...but not for long!


E said...

A camera foreign in your hands? OH MY! You really ARE sick, aren't you? =0)

If I didn't have so many dogs, I think I'd have more little visitors like yours. Oh well.

Lacey said...

cute little guy!!! (or girl)
glad to see you felling better.


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