Thursday, April 3, 2008

Zedler Mill with Nana

I know I said 2 days ago this post would be up tomorrow....well it's finally tomorrow! :0)

I've been to Zedler Mill before and even posted about it a couple of times. I decided to take Nana there while she was here. We drove to Luling after poking around in Palmetto State Park taking pictures all morning. We found a picnic table and ate our lunch then wandered over to see Zedler Mill. We took photos from the top of the hill above the river facing the dam then wandered around to the other side to view the other buildings on the property. When we rounded the corner of one of the buildings we could see construction equipment and crews over much of the property. It was exciting to think the old mill may be restored but it was hard to tell what was going on. We talked about just walking over and asking someone about the project but didn't right away. It turned out we didn't have to. One of the men from the crew came over and introduced himself to us and told us all about the project. He's obviously very excited about all the plans. The current construction underway is to build restrooms. Then a pavillion is planned on the site of the building that burned in the 70's, in addition to an amphitheather on the bank of the river, and eventually restoration of the mill itself. A restaurant is planned for the big house across the street. I'm anxious to go back periodically and check out the progress! He even told us of the paddling trail that ends there and gave me his business card so I can bring Marty back and take him on a canoe trip. I'm thinking I've found another summer activity to plan!!! I haven't been in a canoe since I moved out of Missouri!

I had Nana pose for a photo with the backdrop I wanted for our family photos this year. The day I took our family photos the sun wasn't cooperative at all (imagine that!) but this day was overcast and perfect for photographing in midday.

The dam at Zedler Mill.

I've found that I'm liking taking photographs of reflections. Sometimes the reflection makes a more interesting photo than what is being reflected.

There were even flowers blooming here and there around the mill property.

Beyond this neat little building you can see an area of dirt that has been leveled. That's the future site of the pavillion.

The back (or front depending how you look at it!) of Zedler Mill. I guess technically this would be the front (it faces the street) and the back faces the river?

I wish I'd taken photos of the construction in progress. I will update you any time I head back over there and see anything new. It will be fun to see the progress.

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E said...

The old building is REALLY neat. Great backdrop. =0)

Glad y'all had a fun trip.


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